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Front Squat Progress

Tom Chanter front squatting 77.5 kg x 3 reps with heels elevated.

Some really good progress from all the boys during this last phase of training. Tom was able to increase his front squat 7.5 kg during the course of the cycle whilst maintaining some pretty solid technique which is most important. He started this phase with 70 kg x 3 for 3 sets and had a steady increase of 2.5 kg each week.

10 weeks ago Tom couldn't full squat properly. To be able to increase the weight on the bar and maintain good technique is very good progress. He has been working hard and has been very consistent with his lifting, so it is good to see him moving forward.

Jarrod Kinchin also had good results with his front squat this cycle going from 75 kg x 6 to 80 kg x 6. He also got 85 kg x 4 reps on his final 2 sets. The best part about this is that Jarrod is coming off a few knee surgeries and to be able to full squat pain free is a win in itself considering where he has come from. Having the confidence to now add weight to the bar and progress each week is really good to see. Addressing his weaknesses has allowed him to be able to full squat and it will definitely increase his on-field performance by the time next season rolls around.

Keep up the hard work.

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