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About Us

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THP is the only place to be if you want true health and optimal performance.


We don't just talk about health and performance, we live it - it's our passion. We lead by example by doing our best to stay in top health all year round and performing at our best everyday. 


Between us, we have tried and tested various training, rehabilitation, nutrition and supplementation plans, making sure we took the best from each to create unique, customised plans for you. 


We've worked with various individuals ranging from up and coming NRL players, to the everyday person wanting to improve their health and appearance. We've had success with our clients by changing the way they think, the way they train and the way they eat.


We are all about education, the more our clients know about their health the better. Regardless of your goal or reason for seeing us, we give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about your health. The tools we give you and the information you learn are skills you can apply for the rest of your life.


We don't just keep our clients educated, we make sure we continue to educate ourselves on a daily basis by learning from those that are in the top of their field. This allows us to keep up to date with the latest research findings and further provide detailed information that can enahnce clients results.


Our programs are for those who are committed - if you can't make sacrifices then we probably aren't the trainers for you. If you are willing to make sacrifices to your current lifestyle, then we will guarantee you will achieve your goals. 



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Our Coaches

Gemma Smith 


Gemma is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with extensive knowledge in rehabilitation and nutrition.


She is a certified BioPrint Practitioner and Level 2 Functional Movement Screen Practitioner (FMS). 


Always wanting to improve herself, Gemma attends many seminars and courses including those by World Renowned Strength Coach Charles Poliquin.





Nathan Waters


Nathan is a Level 2 Poliquin Strength Coach (PICP), BioPrint Practitioner, and BioSignature Practitioner. He is the only Poliquin Certified Coach in the Macarthur area. 


Having been an athlete his whole life, Nathan is always looking for ways to improve his health and performance by regularly attending courses and seminars, including those held by World Renowned Strength Coach Charles Poliquin. 

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