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Our memberships are not like others you may have experienced. Where we differ is that everyone has an individual nutrition and training program. While you will be training in a group setting, everything is tailored to your unique needs. We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ gym, so we made the decision to do the extra bit of work to ensure that you achieve your desired goal.

Our membership program has achieved some of our greatest results to date.

When you sign up to our gym you will be allocated one of our coaches that will take you through in-depth screening that will included everything from your training history to your sleep cycle and everything in between. You will have your measurements taken regularly to keep you accountable and your training and nutrition programs will be updated as needed.

When you are training at our facility you will always be under supervision. We do not offer unsupervised sessions. This ensures that we can keep a high level of training to ensure you achieve your goals whilst minimizing the risk of injury due to poor technique.


All of our memberships plus our one on one programs offer the following:

  • Individual Nutrition Plan

  • 7 Day Sample Meal Plan

  • Recipes

  • Calorie and Macronutrient Setting

  • 14 Site Skin Fold Testing – Metabolic Analytics Program

  • Girth Measurements

  • Blood Work Analysis

  • Supplementation Education

  • Lifestyle Adjustment Program

  • Weekly Education

  • Individual Strength Training Program

  • Individual Corrective/Pre-hab Program

  • Access to Member Only Forum

  • Access to Seminars

Strength Coach Narellan THP Total Health Performance
Watson Dumbbells Narellan THP Total Health Performance
Gym Membership Coaching Narellan THP Total Health Performance
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