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Front Squat - Pain Free

The above video is of Hans front squatting 122.5kg for 3 reps with heels elevated. Now it is a pretty strong lift but the impressive thing for me is that he can now squat pain free. When Hans started with us he had back pain that would restrict him from training hard in the gym, on the field, and when he competed. It is good to see that he can now perform movements that used to cause him a lot of pain and discomfort, pain free.

We were able to have him squatting and deadlifting pain free within about 4 weeks which is good going and from there we have slowly started to increase the amount of strength work we do on these lifts. For Hans a large amount of his training time is still spent on strengthening the posterior chain, particularly the hamstrings. In the first week of training Hans couldn't perform a single back extension, hamstring curls were extremely hard, and a GHR was no chance. He can now perform all these movements with solid technique for reps and is overloading the movement by adding weight and pausing in different positions of the movements.

There is still a huge amount of improvement to go. As you can see Hans is unable to rack the bar properly for the front squat so he still needs a lot of work on his shoulder mobility. The hips and ankles also need work so as we chip away at improving these limitations I am sure we will see better performances along the way.

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