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Cam Making Good Progress

The above video is of Cameron Lawrence bench pressing 80kg for 5 reps.

This is a great improvement from when Cam first started with us. When he started in mid November he could barely bench 50kg for 4 reps. Now he can hit multiple sets at 80kg for 5 reps. That is pretty good progress. He isn't a raw beginner either. He had been in the gym with junior reps for two years prior to this. Like I always say though there isn't enough attention paid to the importance of the gym work and the strength coaches are volunteers so you get mediocre results.

As you can see in the video he still had a bit more in him so by the end of this phase he will more than likely hit 85-90kg for 5.

There are many reasons for the gain in strength Cam has experienced. Technique and working on upper back strength has been a big factor but I'd say the biggest is from the muscle mass he has put on since starting with us. He has added 7kg of scale weight, his lean mass has gone up 8.2kg and his body fat is down about 3%. This is exactly what you want when trying to add size for a sport such as rugby league. You want your strength levels to increase with the increase in weight. It is functional hypertrophy, size you can use.

Cam still has a lot of improvement in him and we have set some goals to hit by the end of the year which he is well on target to hitting, both in muscle mass terms and strength wise. He is setting himself up for success in the future and I am more than happy to be helping him out with it.

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