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Back Squat Progression

The above video is of Christian back squatting for the first time. After about 8 weeks of general preparation work he is able to full squat with heels elevated quite well. The load used in this set was 47.5kg.

The below video is of Christian back squatting session 4. He got to 65kg this time and kept his technique pretty clean.

The thing I am most happy with is that Christian can now back squat pain free. He missed most of last year's S.G Ball season with a back injury so to have him squatting, deadlifting, and just training pain free now is good to see. Having the confidence to add more load to the bar each week is also good to see as a back injury can really rock your confidence and take a while before you trust your body to be up to the demands of training again. Knowing you won't break down very easily is reassuring.

Obviously he still has a lot of work ahead of him but I think it is good to show people that as long as you are consistent with your training, no matter your starting point, you can progress quite well and at times quite quickly. You just have to have someone who knows how to identify your problems and can help progress you safely and effectively. Athletes don't have time to waste.

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