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JDP Update - Back Squat Heels Elevated

Great effort from all the boys in the gym today. There were some really good lifts and the atmosphere was much more intense. Everyone was focused on what they needed to do. Days like this are very motivating.

This video is of Hans back squatting 155 kg for 2 reps on a 6 second eccentric. It was one of the highlights of the session, especially considering he played a game of rugby league yesterday.

He also hit 145 kg for 4 reps after this to finishing off a good cycle of training.

When Hans started he could not squat, deadlift, or even run pain free due to back pain. To see him progress to these levels without pain in the low back is very rewarding.

Speaking with Marcus today he commented on the amount of weight Hans lifted but what I don't think he realised is how much he has progressed as well until I told him. He hit a 102.5 kg back squat for 5 reps. When we started we were aiming to hit a body weight squat for a single. At around 95 kg he has achieved this and then some.

If we stay focused as a group and keep working hard the boys will continue to get results and moving forward.

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