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We are very pleased with the results of Simon, Tamara, and Samantha. They have progressed well since starting with their nutrition and strength training programs. It is still very early days but they have made some great progress in a short amount of time.

Simon has dropped 4.9% body fat and 1.5kg to be sitting at weight roughly 1 week out from competition. This is great considering he had been out with an injury and has got back on track so quickly. He doesn't have to stress about making weight or doing any sort of cut, he can maintain this week and stay strong leading into competition.

Samantha has done well dropping 4.2% body fat and 1.6kg scale weight in 7 days. This puts her very close to comp weight. Finishing off this weeks preparation will get her there no problems.

Tamara has done extremely well and has worked very hard to get to her weight. She has dropped 10.8kg in about 6 weeks or so, and has dropped 10.5% body fat. The best thing is she has only dropped 1kg of lean body mass.

We are very excited to see them all compete and wish them all the best. They have all worked very hard to be as best prepared as possible.

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