• Nathan Waters

Sample Upper Body Training Program: GPP Week 5

Now that we’ve had a look at week 5 lower body programming, let’s take a look at how we program for the upper body in this phase.

Click the exercise name for a full description of how to perform the movement.

Day 2 Week 5:

A1. Chin-Ups Mid Grip + Eccentric 4x6-8

A2. Overhead DB Press Seated Supported Pronating Grip 4x6-8

B1. Single Arm DB Row Pronated Grip 4x6-8

B2. 45 Degree Incline Prone Trap 3 Raise 4x6-8

C1. Seated DB Hammer Curl 3x6-8

C2. Lying DB Triceps Extension Neutral Grip Flat Bench 3x6-8


· If you can’t do all the reps, do the max reps you can do and on the last rep do a maximum eccentric (30 seconds minimum).

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