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How Well Do You Move?

Everyone undergoes a movement screening process when they sign

up to train with us.

We go through ankle, hip and shoulder movement patterns and branch out from there.

What we find is that a large percentage of individuals present with both poor hip and shoulder mobility.

Why do we address these?

Prevent injury - if you don’t move the way you are designed to, chances are at some point when you load the body there will be a break in the chain somewhere leading to an injury. For athletes, this can mean time out of the gym and off the field. For everyone else, it could mean days off work and a drop in motivation to keep training.

Improve performance - if we look at the hips for example, poor mobility here will be like running with a hand brake on. On the field, this is going to be a big problem.

Reduce expenses - poor mobility can lead to injuries. Injuries require rehabilitation. Rehabilitation costs money. A lot of money.

Reduce time - we’re always told that we need to stretch. Did you know that if you can’t touch your toes it may be a stability issue rather than a mobility issue, and that stretching can make it worse?

We’ve seen individuals who stretch and use the roller for at least an hour a day.

After we screen them we are able to identify the main areas and we can drop the time to 10-15 minutes and achieve better results through an individual corrective program.

To start moving better get yourself a movement screen from us so you can identify your weaknesses and target them with a program specific to your needs.

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