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Alpha Lipoic Acid and Performance

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Nutridyn alpha lipoic acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid and Performance

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) can improve nutrient portioning which may help improve lean muscle mass and reduce fat retention. By increasing insulin sensitivity, the body is better able to drive nutrients into muscle cells, and away from storage in fat cells, which is typically increased when you carry more body fat and with insulin resistance and diabetes for example.

ALA increases insulin sensitivity, can increase growth hormone secretion, decrease inflammation, lower cortisol levels, and decrease pain. ALA has been shown to improve recovery.

ALA has significant anabolic effects having beneficial effects on insulin sensitivity, growth hormone and IGF-1 secretion, and energy metabolism. These are all factors in maintaining, repairing, and regenerating muscle tissue.

ALA is effective for weight loss and has been shown to decrease hip circumference when used by itself and also when combined with EPA (component of omega 3).

The positive effects ALA has on energy metabolism can also benefit muscle endurance. In obese rats, supplementation with ALA (30mg/kg) increased maximum run time by 18%.


Most recommendations are 300-900mg or R-ALA per day.

Personally, I take 100-200mg of ALA in the morning with my carnitine, fish oil, CoQ10, D3 etc. and again post workout. My thought process is to utilise it for its energy enhancing properties of a morning and pre-workout and for its insulin sensitizing properties.

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