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Premiers, Man of the Match, Try Scorer's, and a Top Point Scorer of the Year

Camden Rams Rugby League Premiers Total Health Performance Cam Lawrence Jay Kirk Ryan Evans

Congratulations to Cameron Lawrence, Jay Kirk, and Ryan Evans and their Camden Rams teammates on winning the Under 18s group 6 grand final yesterday.

The boys played really well, beating the Narellan Jets 36-12.

Cam started off the day with the first try and had plenty of great carries throughout the game. He looked threatening all game. He scored a double and got awarded man of the match at the end of the game. A good reward for his efforts.

Cameron Lawrence Camden Rams Rugby League Total Health Performance Wests Tigers

Jay also had a lot of good carries on the day and bagged himself a hat trick in the process.

Although it wasn't the result Luke Cowley wanted (as he plays for Narellan), he was awarded with the highest point scorer in the comp award.

It is great to get out and see the boys play. They are all playing really well and improving each week.

Now that the season is over we can really focus on bringing up some weaknesses, put on some more muscle mass, and ensure they are as well prepared as the possibly can be for SG Ball and next season.

On a side note, we also got to watch a few boys that have been with us in the past in Tom Chanter, Bryce Crane, and those who have consulted with us like Leam Carr play. It is good to see that they are still getting the benefits of the training they have done with us too.

Helping young blokes try to reach their potential is very motivating and rewarding.

Cameron Lawrence Jay Kirk Camden Rams Rugby League Total Health Performance Wests Tigers

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