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Julius Maddox Heaviest Ever Bench Press

Today I am sharing a video Josh Bryant sent in an email of one of his lifters Julius Maddox benching 739.6lbs (about 335.5kg) at Dan Green's Boss of Bosses event.

Josh was the youngest man to bench 600 pounds at one point in time and it is great to see him passing on his knowledge so that others can reach their potential.

I really like seeing things that we once thought may not be possible. It makes me wonder how far we can really go as humans. This is why I am always trying to learn from the best and try to improve everyday.

Very grateful for those sharing quality information, especially in this time period where everyone thinks they are an expert. Josh has lived it and he can coach it. That is the perfect mix for me and someone I want to learn from.

Don't get bluffed by the self proclaimed experts out there who buy their followers yet have done nothing.

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