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Premiership, Player of the Match, and Group 6 Player of the Year

Total Health Performance Rugby League Aaliyah Boland Group 6 player of the year Nathan Waters Narellan Camden Rams

We want to say a massive congratulations to Aaliyah Boland and her Camden Rams teammates on winning their under 14's league tag grand final yesterday.

Aaliyah scored a couple of tries in the grand final and every touch she had in the game looked threatening. This was a follow on from the great season she has had as I have heard of her scoring 4 tries a game quite often throughout the year. The quality of the game was really good as well. Considering these girls may have only been playing for a year or two, I was really surprised with some of the skills they showed at times.

It was a huge day for Aaliyah as her team won the premiership, she got awarded player of the match, and was also named group 6 player of the year.

Aaliyah is only 13 this year so she can play in the 14's again next year. It will be exciting to see her take her game to a higher level as I think she will be marked even more by other teams after having such a successful year this year.

We are very happy for Aaliyah and her family, and I am super proud of what she has achieved. She has been waking up early before school and coming to the gym at 5.30am and putting a lot of work in. It is great to see her efforts being rewarded. She deserves it.

Her progress in the gym has been very good too. She was unable to do any chin ups just a couple of months ago, now she can bang out 5 reps. She can also deadlift, full squat, and bench with great technique as well.

She is a great kid. Very polite, very respectful, hard working, appreciative, and has a great family supporting her, so I can see her being very successful if she continues on the path she is currently on.

Another thing I really enjoyed about yesterday was how many of the family's from the gym were out at the grand finals yesterday supporting and watching all the games. It is great catching up and chatting with everyone and seeing how pumped they are for each others success. It fulfills me and motivates me to work harder and to continue learning to help everyone progress in whatever small way I can.

Those connections and bonds between like minded people are what make me happy.

Camden Rams Rugby League Premiers Total Health Performance Narellan Nathan Waters

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