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Igor Almeida Gold Australian Nationa Jiu-Jitsu Championship Total Health Performance SJJA Narellan Crows Nest

Congratulations to Igor Almeida for becoming the Australian National Champion yesterday in Melbourne. Igor was backing up from his third place finish last week in the UAEJJF Tokyo Grand Slam event. He was carrying some niggling injuries and a bit of flu, so to get the win really just showed his class. Congratulations also goes Kim on winning Bronze after 10 months away from competition. Kim has had a long time off the mats and unfortunately hurt her ankle leading into the nationals but she was still able to put in a strong performance.

Great to see these two just get it done and not make any excuses about not being 100%. They understand a lot of people carry injuries into comps so they never use this as a reason as to why they can't perform on the day. If you compete, you are judged equal to everyone else, no matter your circumstances.

SJJA Jiu-Jitsu Total Health Performance Narellan Crows Nest National Champion

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