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Fat Loss - Jon Bovard

It is always good to see your clients happy with their results and how they are progressing. Jon started working with us a couple of months ago and has had some great results. This is what he posted on Facebook just the other day:

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"this year, at 41, I finally decided to do something. Before I was 97kg, 27% bodyfat and grumpy. Now after 3 months of eating right, training hard, and driving my poor wife crazy, I am 12kg lighter and grumpy. thanks to my poor wife Lou for putting up with me, and THP - Total Health Performance Nathan, for the advice and keeping me honest."

Jon has also dropped 10% body fat and increased his lean muscle mass. He has also won a few jiu jitsu medals over the past month or two and is preparing for nationals in Melbourne this weekend, so we wish him all the best.

We do get people to lose a lot of weight so if you thought we were just for athletes, it isn't the case, we can also help you reach your fat loss goals.

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