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Consistency Pays Off

Work hard consistently and you will exceed expectations, your own, and other people's.

We have had two good examples of this over the past two weeks. Marcus done some strength testing with his Norths team and hit some decent numbers. He got 120kg for 3 in the back squat, 90kg for 3 on the bench, 9 dips, and 6 pull-ups. Just two years ago he couldn't perform a squat or a chin up, let alone a pull up. Less than a year ago, couldn't dip, and his bench was 50kg. Also he didn't peak for this strength test or anything like that and is in season at the moment, carrying a few niggling injuries here and there like most players at this time of the year.

Bryce has done pretty much the same. The below video is of a 150kg deadlift he performed for 6 reps (video only shows 5 because of my poor recording). Last year he got 140kg for 5 reps. So he has added 10kg and an extra rep in one year. This is with an ankle injury, in season, and he still had more in the tank.

I am not highlighting these lifts because they are huge feats of strength. It is about being consistent with your training, working hard each day, and over the long term seeing the rewards for your hard work. Both Marcus and Bryce have been very good with their training and are achieving more than many people probably thought they were capable of. You don't have to be the best at anything right now, just keep getting the work in, have laser like focus, and eventually you will be.

Hard work pays off. Whoever doesn't the longest will generally be the most successful.

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