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29% Increase in Strength

How long would it take you to increase your strength by 29%?

If you are a beginner it would be a lot quicker than an advanced athlete but even then I would say it would take you a month or two. Last week Lochy front squatted 35kg for 6 reps, this week he got 45kg for 6 reps. A 10kg increase or close to 29%. That is a huge improvement. It wasn't even a weeks work to be honest, it was within minutes.

Even with more advanced lifters I have seen increases of 7-12%.

Not only do you get an increase in strength, a massive reduction in injury is another benefit.

These young rugby league players need to be strong but they also have to be healthy to perform on the field. Unlike most trainers out there I am not rushing them to lift maximally but I am trying to short cut their progress as much as possible so they can reach the highest levels.

If you want to reach your potential a lot quicker whilst minimising any chance of injury then give me a call and book in to see me. Stop wasting time and energy and do something that works.

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