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Getting Results Through Nutrition and Training

It has been a while since I have posted about any body composition results. It isn't something we often focus on often with our posts, but it is a huge part of what we do. The body comp results are a by product of hard work and consistency with nutrition, as our main goal is to increase performance on the rugby league field and also on the mats for jiu-jitsu. Whether it is cutting weight or putting on muscle mass, we want our athletes to be lean whilst maintaining or increasing their lean mass. We don't do a "bulk" phase and then cut back. For example, Bruno and Igor may increase in body fat slightly after a big competition but it isn't by a huge amount. When Bruno is in peak condition for worlds he gets down to 7-8% body fat but when he is "off" or in maintenance mode between preparations, the worst he will get to is 11-12%. This allows the body and mind to recover, but it also sets him up for a great preparation the next time a big comp is coming up. He still eats clean during this time as well. There may be a slight increase in carbs and also a drop in training volume but it isn't like he just stops training and starts to eat fast food. Consistency is very important if you want to be the best at what you do.

The young rugby league players are doing really well. It is great to see them progressing so well and building such a healthy foundation at such a young age. Below are some results from this past month.

Body weight - 60kg was 58.5kg

Body fat - 10.9% was 12.5%

Lean mass - 53.5kg was 51.2kg

This is good going for 3 weeks worth of work especially since it isn't the beginning of Mani's training and nutrition. He has come down from 23.6% body fat and has increased his lean mass from 48.1kg.

Lochy (15 years old)

Body weight - 53kg was 51.5kg

Body fat - 12.5% was 12.6%

Lean mass - 46.4kg was 45kg

Again I am happy with this result as he has increased lean mass while maintaining his body fat level. It is quality muscle he is putting on. I am not in a rush to see the scale weight increase rapidly. He started at 48kg and is now at 53kg so I am happy with the progress.

The SJJA jiu-jitsu team that competed in Abu Dhabi had some crazy results as well. As mentioned above Bruno and Igor both got down under 10% as they always do during their preparation. We also had Lucas and Tom who we helped out with their preparation this year. They both done really well. I will share Lucas results.

Body weight - was 86kg finished at 82kg (1 week out from comp, we got this to 80kg before we cut further)

Body fat - 16.1% finished at 10.1% (1 week out but he would have got to around 9% before comp)

Lean mass - started at 72.2kg and got up to 73.7kg.

This was in about 2 months worth of work. With a longer prep we could have done even more. In saying that, he was in great shape so we didn't really have much more to do nutritionally, it would have been more time to work on the strength though.

Mike Johnstone has also been on board for the past month and has achieved some great results himself. We still have a lot of preparation time ahead of us so I am excited to see where he can get to. Not many people peak in their 50's but I think Mike will.

Body weight - 73.5kg now 74kg

Body fat - 23.4% now 18.4%

Lean mass - 56.3kg now 61.2kg

I share this to show that with hard work, dedication, and consistency you can get great results in a fairly short time period. The longer you stick at it the better your health, mental, and physical performance will be. I am happy for what everyone is achieving and glad I can go along for the ride with them.

If you are after similar results please feel free to contact us.

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