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Performance Sessions - Shoulder

I caught up with Mike the other day and as we were going through his strength training program I noticed he really carried his right shoulder and asked if it had been injured. Mike told me it had and explained to me that he has worked out ways to protect it whilst training and competing in jiu-jitsu. I gave it a quick little test to see the range of motion and it was like a moving a piece of steel. I told him we would finish going through the program and do his nutritional stuff and then I'd help get some range into it for him.

THP Total Health Performance Shoulder Rehab Mike Johnstone SJJA Jiu-Jitsu Camden Ingleburn Campbelltown Crows Nest

As you can see there was quite a dramatic improvement and it didn't take me more than two minutes to do. Actually you can tell how by the clock in the background. That wasn't planned but I suppose it shows you that you can get quite good results in a short period of time. These results will last a while too, exactly how long I am not sure, but as Mike trains through a better range of motion some of the results will stick. Next time I catch up with Mike I will do a bit of soft tissue work beforehand and he will have even better improvement.

If you want some of the same please feel free to contact us.

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