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There Is No Easy Way

There is no easy way. I say this a lot. People often say "Is there and easier way?" or "Can I just do this instead?". No. There are no alternatives. I have told you do to it a certain way because that is what is needed for you to reach your current goals. If you really wanted to achieve your goals you wouldn't be looking for shortcuts, you would take the advice and do it to the finest detail. When you do that and everything in your life is heading in the one direction towards your goal, then you will be successful.

How do I know this? I've lived it. I used to train hard but many other things in my life weren't in line. It wasn't until I got everything in order that I was truly confident in what I was doing and had this fire inside of me knowing I was on the right path to be successful. Was it easy? Far from it. I would get up at 5.30am and train, study, go to work, come home and train, get to training early and do some extra skills, team gym, and then finish with our field session, come home (about 8.30pm) and prepare for the next day again. Is this much training optimal or even necessary? Probably not. But it was on my plan at the time so I done it. And I ripped in to every single session. Didn't take one rep or one sprint easy. I would weigh my food to the gram, 1g over and I would cut it off. I was obsessed.

I am not the greatest athlete, far from it. I am not saying this to try and prove I am awesome. I am using it as an example to show that if you truly want something bad enough, you will go get it. There will be no excuses in your life, you won't be too tired, too sore, you will just focus and do what has to be done. Once you reach that level of intent your entire life will be better.

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