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Hamstring Tear - Quick Recovery

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Tristyn Ball came and seen us after tearing his hamstring a few weeks back. The photo is the increased range of motion he gained in just one session and it was only two days after doing the injury.

He had rugby league semi-finals coming up in a few weeks time and wanted to make sure he was back for them. We got him in, had a bit of a look at his hamstring and done some work on it, gave him some strength training to do, some stretches for his tight hip flexors and hamstrings, changed his nutrition to address some nutritional deficiencies, and gave him a supplement protocol to help heal the tear. Two weeks later we followed up with his Dad to see how he was going and he told us he was already back to running at 100%. He made it back for the finals quite comfortably in the end. This was a great result and we only treated him one time.

It is because we addressed many underlying issues. There is no one single approach that will get you back on the field as quickly as you would like. It takes a combination to beat the general recommendations of 4-6 weeks for an injury like this. This is why physio or other methods fall short at times. It is not that they don't work, it is because it is focusing on one issue. The more issues you can address, the quicker you can return to play. I have learnt what areas need to be addressed and how to apply them to an athlete who is desperate to compete in his sport. I have experienced many injuries myself and this has helped me a lot.

If you need to return to the field of play quickly and conventional methods aren't working, or haven't worked for you in the past then it may be time to book in and address the underlying issues you have.

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