• Nathan Waters

Earthing 101

How ridiculous is it that we have a name for something that we used to just do without even thinking? We used to rarely wear shoes, regularly run around cutting our feet on sticks and rocks, climbing tress and literally rolling around playing games in the dirt. Ever wondered why kids are so care free?

I would guess that most people rarely get their bare feet or bodies in contact with the earth or nature on a daily or even weekly basis. When was the last time you swam in the ocean or walked on the grass without shoes on?

It may seem like a pointless routine to get out and touch the earth but it's actually pretty important. The earth has a natural charge that increases our feelings of relaxation and peace; ever wondered why walking on the sand feels so good?

This charge acts as a super powerful antioxidant that helps your body in heaps of ways from heart rate to pain management.

If you're paying for relaxation or meditation classes, or seeing a therapist (note: do not stop seeing a therapist if you are, I don't want to be responsible for anything that goes wrong!), then jump outside and put your bare feet on the grass or sand or whatever you have access to - it's cheap and works almost immediately!


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