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Some Advice on Nutrition and Medals at NSW Jiu Jitsu Championships

SJJA Total Health Performance Gold JiuJitsu NSW Championship Stef Camden, Narellan, Campbelltown, Crows Nest, Ingleburn

I would like to congratulate Stef Puskar and Richard Avery on their results from the NSW state championships. Stef won gold in his very first competition and Richard got 3rd place.

It was very good to see these results as I gave both of them some nutritional advice leading into the competition. It’s great to see some small tips go a long way. Stef messaged me about a week out before the comp having to drop 3kg and was a bit worried about making weight. I asked him what he was currently eating and then told him it would be fine. I just found the biggest bang for his buck changes and that was all. Mostly it was changing his breakfast. Within 3 days he was down to the weight he needed to be so he didn’t have to stress about making weight and could focus on his preparation. He didn’t have to dehydrate or anything like that, he just made some simple changes. This would allow him to have energy and strength come comp day.

With Richard we were speaking at a competition earlier in the year, just a general chat really, and got talking about nutrition. I didn’t think that much of it other than thinking that Richard was a really nice guy and seemed pretty switched on with some aspects of health and nutrition. A few months later I saw Richard again and he said he had made some changes to his nutrition and was feeling really good. He said he was leaner than he had been, had more energy, and felt strong. His progress did stall a little bit leading into this comp and I was lucky enough to bump into him at a training session at SJJA and told him how he could to fix it.

SJJA Gladesville Total Health Performance Richard Avery Bronze NSW Jiu JItsu Championship 2017 Camden, Campbelltown, Narellan, Ingleburn

After the comp Richard sent me a nice message saying thank you for the advice and said he never thought he could get down below 73kg safely, without dehydrating himself, but he did and said he felt really good, plenty of energy and strength. He offered to give our business a plug, confirming he is a great bloke.

For me, both of these men being grateful for the information I shared with them is enough. If they took the information and didn’t appreciate it then I would be filthy. But they are good men and that is why I shared the information with them in the first place. It is good to see them get the benefits out of it.

If we get the chance to work together in preparation for further competitions then I am certain they will be happy with the results they could achieve when the plan is specifically targeted to their needs. I look forward to it.

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