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Ron Massey Cup Rep Team Victory, Undefeated Record Still Intact, and a Players Player

Congratulations to Brendan Waters and Jerry Key captaining and vice-captaining the Ron Massey Cup Rep Team to Victory against Queensland yesterday.

Jerry was voted players player, which in my opinion is one of the best awards to receive in any game. When your teammates respect and appreciate the hard work you put in, you know you have had a good game. Speaking to Jerry after the game, he was very happy with the win and was really pumped to be a part of it with a great bunch of young blokes. I am really happy for Jerry as I know he would have been a great leader and knowing how hard he works each week. He is one of the most respectful and grateful guys I have met. He doesn't take things for granted and he is always trying to help people out where he can. He deserves everything that comes his way in life because he puts the work in and doesn't expect anything to be handed to him.

Bren kept his undefeated record in these representative games alive, now winning 4 from 4. The reason he has been so successful in these games is that he does everything in his power to win and cares about his teammates. He doesn't just play and hope that he does well individually, he tries to make everyone around him play to their potential. I feel he gives a team great confidence. He knows the game and knows what it takes to win important games. Not doubting what needs to be done rubs off on everyone else. He helps everyone buy into the one goal, but isn't a preacher about it either. He has a good laugh with everyone but knows when it is time to get to work and switch on. I think this is great for team morale and getting everyone tight.

When your teammates and coach are appreciative of having you in the team and they thank you for a great week, you have done your job as captain and as a leader. Personally, Bren felt he may not have had his best game, which may be true. The thing he did do though was play controlled and done the little things well. You don't always have to have big plays to have an impact on the game. Sometimes a calm head is all it takes. Especially when you have a team of the best players in the comp. You may not be at your explosive best but they might be, so keep feeding them and be patient. Stick to the plan. I feel he done this well.

Another great thing about this game is that both Jerry and Bren said that it was a great camp with a great bunch of blokes. They said there was not one dickhead in the squad. This makes me very happy because I feel there is a bad culture creeping into our game where everyone is trying to out do each other and worry about themselves more so than being a part of a team and helping their mates out. I'm glad there was no egos and everyone wanted to win.

Congratulations boys I am very proud of you.

You can see some of the highlights on the NSWRL site.

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