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You’re tanned up, you wear foundation, bronzer, lipstick and everything else in between, you wear your favorite perfume every day of the week, you have all of your meals prepped in your plastic Tupperware containers that you’ll heat up in the microwave later. If this is you then read on……

Girls have a tendency to carry more body fat in their lower body (hips, butt and legs) compared to their upper. Lower body fat storage is a sign of estrogen dominance, so being female, it makes sense that you don’t see the average guy walking around with thick thighs and a ghetto booty.

Estrogen is the primary female hormone that makes us, well, female. The problem these days is that there are too many exposures to estrogens – xenoestrogens. These are items that mimic estrogen which causes the body to have more than needed. The body gets tricked and continues this cycle as long as the exposure is still there. Items that can cause this include:

  • Plastics

  • Make ups

  • Deodorants

  • Moisturisers

  • Hair care products

  • The pill

Girls that have had a boob job pay attention here – how many of you put on weight in the lower body especially after getting your implants?? You have plastic inside your body so you will always be exposed to this form of a xenoestrogen, which means you have to eliminate all other forms as much as you can.

Visit and type in the name of your personal care products to see how good or bad they are so you can either keep them or ditch them.

Estrogen isn’t always a bad thing, we need it, but it has to be in the correct ratio to all of the other hormones. It can’t be too high just as much as it can’t be too low.

Once you’ve removed the major forms of xenoestrogens you can focus on your diet if you haven’t already. Elevated insulin levels will cause an estrogen dominance so diet is something that you will inevitably have to address. You want to aim for a low carb diet with plenty of fats and moderate protein. Protein assists in detoxification which will reduce body fat storage in the back of the leg.

Sit down and map out what you want to eliminate first and target that area. Monitor your progress so you know if your choices are working for you.

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