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Shoulder Rehab - Preparing for Worlds

As many of you may be are aware of, Igor unfortunately dislocated his shoulder a couple of times while competing in the Pan-Ams. He is now on the road to recovery to get himself right for the worlds.

During the Sydney International Open, that Aaron won gold at, on Sunday, I was able to do a quick bit of activation work on his injured shoulder and the results were pretty impressive. The picture in the top right corner was all the range of motion he had, and it was painful. In the second picture (the bottom right), he had a lot more range and it was pain free. I love the shocked look on his face as his arm just kept getting higher and higher.

This was good but I knew I could help more so on Monday when I went up to SJJA crows nest to do my weekly check-in's, I done a proper treatment session and got the result we were after. The picture on the left is after a bit of soft tissue work, which took about 5-10 minutes to achieve. Igor achieved near full range of motion, pain free.

While this definitely hasn't healed Igor's shoulder, it allows him to move pain free and train around his injury a lot more comfortably. It also allows him to do his rehab exercises through a greater range of motion which in the long run will reduce the amount of time it takes to get back to full strength.

Hopefully there isn't too much damage done to the shoulder and the rehab keeps progressing well. Either way I know Igor won't leave anything out in trying be as well prepared as he can be for his next challenge ahead.

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