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Total Health Performance Strength Training For Women Camden

Girls belong in the weights room just as much as the boys! Cardio is boring, running on a treadmill everyday or jumping on the stepper (or whatever its called) is such a waste of time. Sure you burn calories but where’s the fun stuff?? How do you know when you're progressing?

Weights do not make women look like the hulk (a shot of T every now and then might but that’s for another day…….), they make us have some shape, they increase our strength, they build our immune system, and they’re way more enjoyable than the cardio room. They give us something other than body image to focus on. With cardio it's a case of am I leaner or am I not, or did the scale go down? With weights we can focus on lifting heavier and measure our progress that way rather than relying on how we look or what the scale says.

I think most girls are just hesitant to go in because they think everyone is looking at them waiting for them to fail or they just have no idea how to use the equipment.

What I say to all of my girls is that everyone had to start at some point, and even the most experienced people are still learning and perfecting their technique every day. You just need to start, go in and pick up and dumbbell and swing it around, get the bar on your back and get a feel for it, just give everything a go! Be comfortable in your own skin to go in there and show them how it’s done.

Where do you start?

You can literally Google “how to train in the gym” or “how to lift weights” and there are thousands of results – training programs, Youtube videos on exercise technique, nutrition plans, macro recommendations – literally everything. Sure it’s a bit strange that I’m recommending you go and just Google a program and not try to sell you on training with me, but it is literally so easy to learn how to lift weights that you don’t need me (as amazing as I am………….).

The downside to ‘Googling’ all of this info is that there are literally thousands of programs and recommendations, how do you know which one is for you? (This is the part where you pay me to figure it all out).

You just want to keep it simple at the start, split squats, chin ups, push ups, step ups, etc. Keep it interesting and enjoyable so you want to train.

So, if you’re a cardio bunny and you’re reading this then stop the treadmill and go pick up a weight – you can thank me later!

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