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Shoulder Rehab

How to rehab shoulders total health performance Camden

About 3 or 4 weeks ago Alfie injured his shoulder in a rugby league game, being hit after he passed the ball. He suffered a grade 3, A.C injury and was originally told he would require surgery. I told him to go and see Dr Donald Kuah and get his opinion as I trust his word and I know he isn't surgery happy. He will only suggest surgery if it is absolutely needed.

On Monday Alfie got the good news that he doesn't need surgery and to start rehab on his shoulder. He will be re-assessed in a months time and may be able to return to playing in 6 weeks. Alfie went and got some treatment from his physio and they gave him some exercises to begin with.

Today, I treated Alfie myself and the results were great, as you can see in the before and after results above. I asked Aflie to do what the physio had asked him to do as a test of where he was at and then after treatment we retested. I think Alfie has to ask the physio for his next progression as we achieved an increase in range that they may have expected to take a week or 2, in just one session. The best part is that he had a small amount of pain in the before photos, just as he reached the end point, but in the after's he didn't. We will slowly increase strength and progress him back into normal lifting before he returns to the field.

As I say all the time, I am not a physio, osteo, or medically recognised practitioner in body work, but I do have a few techniques up my sleeve that do get extraordinary results. If you want to know how we do this, the only way is to come and experience it for yourself. This is the type of stuff we keep in house for our clients so they can reap the rewards and get ahead, or stay ahead, of their competition. Another reason is that I don't want half arsed trainers to try and copy the things we do by watching a you tube video and bastardise the work by doing a shitty job of it. We then have to explain to potential clients that what they experienced wasn't the real thing.

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