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Sleep and Memory

We stress the importance of quality sleep to our clients all the time. It is one of the first things we work on when someone comes to see us. It is well known that sleeping well can help reduce obesity, improve our response to insulin, improve hormone function, improve our mental and physical health, and just improve our overall health in general. It is also very important in memory and consolidating the things you learn.

It has been shown that just 5 hours of sleep deprivation can lead to a loss of connectivity between neurons in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is associated with memory and learning. This is why you often hear people say that they feel like they have been out partying when they have just had a late night and didn’t get enough sleep. The brain was unable to remodel correctly and make/maintain neuronal connections that had been established throughout the day.

If you want to recall what you have just learned or even relearn something you have forgotten then taking a nap in between study sessions has been shown to help improve these two functions. The good news about this is that the results seem to last over a decent period of time. Probably why places like google have “sleep pods” or whatever they call them, to help improve the quality of work their employees do.

For more on this topic you can read the article below:

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