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Another Player of the Year for THP

We would like to congratulate Megan Spiteri on winning player of the year over the weekend at her netball presentation.

Megs has been doing our modified strongman class for about 2 years or so now and has made some great progress. When she first started she would struggle to lift the 7kg medicine ball, now she can clean the 45kg dead ball for more than 10 reps, she used to carry just the farmers walk handles, now she can carry 40kg in each hand for over 40m. They key to it all is that Megs has been consistent with her training and given herself enough time to see changes like this.

It is great to see the gains she has had at training carry over to the netball court. This is what training is all about, increasing performance of your chosen sport. We didn't measure Megs vertical jump before we started so we can't give exact figures, but her vertical jump has increased a lot. This would no doubt be one of the benefits she feels on the court.

We look forward to seeing Megs progression over the coming weeks, months, and years.

At THP we don't have a coach/client relationship. We are all friends who care about each other and do everything we can to help each other succeed. Seeing each other win premierships, world championships, and get player of the year awards like Megs is nice recognition for all the hard work the guys put in.

Congratulations again Megs #teamthp

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