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Camden Rams Premiership Winners and Players Player

THP Camden Premiership 2016

We would like to congratulate long term THP athlete Toby Huxley on winning the group 6 rugby league grand final on Saturday night. He also received the players player award which to me is the greatest accolade you can get as the boys that you play with each week vote for this and feel you were the best on the day.

It is a well deserved win as Toby works his guts out every session and has only just made a return to rugby league after needing shoulder surgery. At the time he was told he shouldn't and probably wouldn't be able to play again. I remember speaking to Toby and saying that if he really wanted to play again that he could and not to listen to the advice as they are only giving it from a precautionary perspective and not that of an athlete who wants to compete and feel alive. We spoke about how to rehab it and get it right for contact and by working with Gem in the gym Toby was able to get back to full strength and gain his confidence back. He is now a bigger and fitter version of himself as he was just a kid when he first came to see us. Toby posted the following on Facebook which I feel describes how truly happy he is to be back playing the game he loves:

After being told I shouldn't and won't play footy ever again by the surgeon and other people after a shoulder reco, I'm happy to say that I not only played every game this year but came away with the win in the grand final last night with the best bunch of blokes and for the best club. Couldn't be prouder of everyone's efforts!

#upyourammer #4from4 ❤️💙

We are so proud of Toby. He is a respectful kid who appreciates everything he has in his life and doesn't take things for granted.

THP Rugby League Winners

We would also like to congratulate James O'neill and Dean Rysko on their efforts. James wanted to make first grade for Camden and came to train with me in the off-season last year. He achieved that goal and now also has a premiership under his belt. Dean Rysko is a champion bloke who I was lucky enough to play with for many years at the Western Suburbs Magpies. He made a late return to league after a decent lay off and still managed to perform at a good level helping guide a young side to victory.

Here at Total health Performance we all have a massive interest in what each other are doing and it is great to see the boys achieving their goals and having fun doing it.

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