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Fast Weight Loss - The Cut for Competition

Bruno Alves - Beast TeamTHP

When we cut weight for competitions we normally have much more time and can steadily cut weight over the course of a few weeks. This time with the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam event held in Los Angeles we had to drop 7kg in 4 days so that Bruno Alves could make weight. He showed great discipline to get down from 82kg to 75kg in the 4 days we had from his World Masters competition to be ready for this one.

Most people often use extreme strategies to do this but for us we are able to use a simple water cut with the use of some sauna's as we already have Bruno very lean before competitions and he maintains a low body fat percentage year round. This means he is able to compete in different weight classes quite comfortably as he has a good amount of lean muscle mass and doesn't feel weak like some fighters do when they have to drop down a weight class.

The important thing for him is to feel strong and full of energy. We never want him to compete feeling drained or depleted. He is an athlete performing at a world class level and we do everything possible to have him prepared and feeling at his peak before each competition.

This wasn't an ideal situation but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.

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