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Avoid Chemicals Ending In “ene”

It is impossible to avoid all chemical exposures but we should try to where we can. Looking at the labels of your foods, deodorants, air fresheners, moisturizers, shampoos and all other personal care products can be very confusing at times but a simple tip I have for people is to avoid any chemical name that ends in “ene”. Examples of these chemicals are:

These compounds are mutagens and carcinogens and are found everywhere. Mutagens can change genetic material, usually the DNA, and carcinogens are any substance directly involved in causing cancer.


On top of being mutagenic and carcinogenic, xylene can induce neurological symptoms, leukopenia, and causes liver and renal damage. It is found in all sorts of places, carpets, nail polish, cigarette smoke, paints, glues, and cleaning solvents to name a few.


Toluene is mutagenic and carcinogenic, toxic to reproduction, alters the central nervous system, and causes liver and renal damage. It is found in aerosols, spray paint, cigarette smoke, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and vehicle admissions.

Benzene and Trimethylbenzene

These two compounds are again mutagenic and carcinogenic. They are often involved in blood and bone cancers, they are toxic to the nervous system, and inhibit the production of red blood cells. They can be found in carpets, solvents and paints, plastic bottles, printing ink, pesticides, and cigarette smoke.


Styrene is mutagenic, carcinogenic, is toxic to the nervous system, and can cause reproductive and developmental problems. It is found in synthetic latex, children’s toys, rubbers, fiberglass, cigarette smoke, and houseware appliances.

To Sum Up

As I mentioned earlier you can’t completely avoid these toxic chemicals, they are everywhere. Where you can control it you should. For the rest of the time that you are exposed to these toxic chemicals you have to ensure your detoxification system is functioning optimally.

So again if you pick a deodorant, packet of food, or moisturizer and can’t understand the ingredients it’s probably a good sign that you should steer clear of that product and if it ends in “ene” then you know for sure it is no good for you.

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