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Two Years Post Pec Surgery - Andrew Thornton

Andrew Thornton has been training with me for about 18 months now after coming to see me following pec surgery. He has made great progress, losing over 30kg, and also getting back into lifting pain, and injury free.

Exercise physiology Narellan THP Total Health Performance Camden Macarthur Campbelltown
Andrew Post Pec Surgery

He wrote a nice post on Facebook the other day, so I thought I would share it as it is good to show that you are never done until you decide you are. He could have made excuses and decided to take it easy, but he chose to get back into training and improve his health.

"It’s been 2 years to the day that I had surgery repairing my ruptured pec tendon.

I had been weight training for quite a few years and not seeing the results I wanted and still putting on weight gradually each year. I decided it was time to seek some expert advice with the rehab on my pec and also to start trying to get the results I was after in the gym.

I had a chat with Nathan from THP (and after chatting and finding out he had suffered a similar injury and was still lifting weights) I was keen to learn more about there training program.

Since beginning with THP 18 months ago I have realised there is so much I didn’t know about weight training and diet (that I thought I knew). The variety in the training programs and the accountability that comes with weighing in and the skin folds each fortnight keeps you focused on your goals.The varying programs and the constant guidance and correction in technique and making the required changes in eating have been crucial.

I would recommend anyone that has had an injury or is having issues with weight loss or if they are not seeing the results they are after in the gym, come and speak to Nathan and Gemma and they will get you on the right track. #TotalHealthPerformaceCentre #THP #TeamTHP #TotalHealthPerformance"

Fat loss THP Total Health Performance Narellan Camden Macarthur Campbelltown
Andrew before starting with THP

Strength training Narellan THP Total Health Performance
Andrew getting back into lifting post pec tear

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