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Stick With Basic Exercises and Methods

Nathan Waters Strength and Conditioning THP Total Health Performance Narellan

When you are starting out training you shouldn’t do anything special for at least the first 18 months, maybe even 24 months. Use basic dumbbell and barbell movements, standard set, rep, and rest schemes, and focus on perfecting your technique. You will make gains like this and it gives you somewhere to go later on down the track.

Too often I see trainers getting their clients to use chains and bands, do a heap of plyo work, use all types of specialty bars, basically anything they think looks cool for their social media. This is the wrong approach in my opinion.

We have, and do use all these tools as well but not with anyone who can barely even perform the movement correctly with the bar alone. You have to deserve the method / technique / tool. You use these tools as ways to try and further challenge the movement. If you can’t perform it correctly then no bands for you, it will only confuse your body more.

The same goes for plyometrics. They are overused first of all, and secondly, a lot of the people need to develop their strength levels before performing them. You see them collapse and spend way too much time on the ground most of the time.

“The method that gets you to bench 90kg won’t be the method that get’s you to bench 180kg” – Charles Poliquin.

We often like to look at what the best in the world are doing and try to follow their lead. This makes sense, I do it all the time. But you have to put things in perspective and know where you are currently at. Following a professional athlete’s program isn’t going to serve you well if you are a beginner. It took them many years to build up to the type of training they are doing now, they didn’t begin there. So, take the principles but don’t follow everything to the letter. Again, you have to earn the right to do more advanced things.

Even if you do these advanced types of methods early on and get good results, where do you go to once you hit a plateau? Save them for when you need them and it will help you continually progress.

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