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Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Igor Almeida Charles Negromonte Nathan Waters SJJA Jiu Jitsu Total Health Performance Strength Training Nutrition Narellan
Igor Almeida, Nathan Waters, Charles Negromonte, SJJA 25/1/20

Gem and myself had a great day on Saturday catching up with the SJJA boys and meeting Charles Negromonte for the first time.

We got to sit down with the boys and make some plans for 2020 in regards to their nutrition and strength training.

For Igor, we will be focusing on adding some muscle mass and working on increasing his strength in the gym. As many of you know he has had some big injuries in the past few years, so we will be addressing those and trying to make him as healthy as possible for when he returns to competition.

As for Charles, he has some important competitions coming up over the next few weeks, and in April will be competing in Abu Dhabi for the worlds. This week, Charles will be competing in Melbourne at the UAEJJF National Pro, so we won't be making any changes until next week where we will begin preparations for the worlds.

He already has a solid foundation so we will be making some changes to his nutrition and we will start general preparation in the gym.

Charles recently won the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Event so we don't have to come in and make extreme changes to his preparation. We will layer in certain things so that it doesn't disrupt Charles' preparation and he can have confidence leading into the important competitions.

If you look at Charles' achievements and ranking, you will see that he is already world class. The important thing from our point of view is to work in with Charles and not just throw a whole heap of craziness into his world. Too many times I see coaches go too extreme with athletes to try and prove they know what they are doing or something like that. I would much rather take it slowly and make sure Charles feels comfortable with his training, is recovering well, and feels motivated to train, than to try and implement a perfect plan that may disrupt his performance in a negative way.

This is a very similar approach we took with Professor Bruno when we first started working together. He was already very successful so its not like he didn't already know what he was doing. We just helped identify a few areas he could work on to further improve his performance and worked with him on how to implement it in his current plan. The biggest thing I was concerned about was not coming in, changing all these things, and ruining his career. The boys put their lives into this, they only get one shot at it. Over the years though we got to a point where everything we wanted to implement, was, and the progress continued with each new preparation. We were fortunate enough to be apart of many world titles that Bruno won over recent years.

It will be a big year for the SJJA team so I will keep you updated with their progress.

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