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Rugby League - Extras

For the next month, the priority is conditioning. So, if you don’t have time to lift, miss that, and do the conditioning.

Where it says Cond.20, you will be doing 20 minutes of conditioning, and where it says Cond.40, you will do 40 minutes.

You pick your workouts from the list below and send your times through to the coaching staff after each workout. You have to rotate your workouts, can’t do the same one every single day. When doing conditioning for 40 minutes, you will pick two workouts from the list and perform them back to back.

For example, if you are 6:45 or above, you will do conditioning Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you have time, you do your weights in ADDITION to the conditioning, NOT INSTEAD of.

Sessions to Select From


Option 1 - 10 x 1 minute max effort with 30 seconds recovery. Goal is 300m or over each row.

Option 2 - 25 x 150m row, rest 30 seconds. Target 150m <30 seconds.

Option 3 - 6 x 500m row, rest 90 seconds. Target 500m <1.40


Option 1 - 6 x 40m max sprints with 10 sec recovery. Rest 90 seconds and repeat for 6 sets total.

Option 2 – 20m, 40m, 60m shuttle (like test). Do 1 shuttle in under 1 minute. 30 seconds rest and then repeat. 12 in total

Option 3 - Max sprint for 40 seconds, slow jog for 90 seconds x 8 sprints.

When running, run outside, not on a treadmill.

Body weight:

Option 1 – 20 burpees on the minute, every minute. You do 20 burpees, as soon as clock ticks to 1 minute, you do another 20 burpees, when it clicks over to 2 mins, you start another set of 20 burpees. You do this for 20 minutes.

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