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Podcasts I Enjoyed This Week

Charles Poliquin had introduced me to the work of Dr. Gabrielle Lyon a few years ago. Since then I have listened closely to what she speaks about and listen to her on podcasts whenever she does them. Dr. Lyon was on the Fundamental Health podcast recently and there were a lot of take-away's from it. If you want to learn more about the importance of getting enough protein in your diet, then I definitely encourage you to listen to Dr. Lyon.

Things that were re-inforced / stood out for me:

The more strength and lean muscle mass you have, the better you will age. Older people aren't eating enough protein.

The importance of meeting leucine threshold for muscle protein synthesis.

Limiting protein intake to minimize mtor isn't the greatest thing you can do.

100g of protein will give you about 60g of glycogen through gluconeogenesis.

Some people may do well on plant based diets due to changes in their microbiome. More research will be coming out on this.

The more B12, the bigger the brain size.

She was also on the Human Performance Outliers Podcast too, so check that out as well.

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