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Master The Mundane

Those who are able to master the mundane are the ones who will be the most successful.

We are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to lift more in the gym, to be faster on the field, to be leaner than the week before. We are obsessed with the latest gadgets and toys to take us from A to B, we'll take steroids and other performance enhancers without even thinking about the consequences, and we'll follow diets that make absolutely no sense at all because they look good online or some famous social media personality promoted it one time. They give us the 'quick fix' or 'magic pill' we're so desperately after.

What's interesting though is that the top performers in their field rarely use fancy toys or quick fixes. They are the greatest because they have mastered the mundane. They have become obsessed with mastering the most boring tasks, the activities that no one wants to post about or talk about. They sleep 7-9 hours every night. They eat the right food. They train consistently and with intensity. They take their supplements. They rarely drink. They don't smoke. They recover. They do all of the things we all know we should be doing, but don't because they take effort, time and commitment.

As a coach, we get asked time and time again "what supplements should I be taking", "what training program is the best", "how much creatine should I take", "what protein is the best", and the list just goes on and on. There's no point entering into a conversation about these topics when you can't even drink enough water throughout the day, you don't eat anywhere near enough protein or food in general, you don't train consistently or with intensity, you stay up all night on Snapchat or whatever the latest trend is. You have not earned the right to ask these questions unless you have mastered the mundane.

We all want to be the best, but we're not all willing to do what it takes to achieve this.

Master the Mundane and you will be ahead of the pack every time.

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