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Limit Radiation Emitted By Your Phone

Another reason to try to limit the radiation emitted by your phone.

This study looked at the impact of mobile phone radiation on sperm quality. The researchers selected 32 healthy men with normal semen parameters. They divided each sperm sample into two portions. One portion was placed in a thermostat, while the other portion was placed near a mobile phone in standby/talk mode. After 5 hours, they evaluated the sperm samples for motility and DNA fragmentation.

The results showed that the group exposed to electromagnetic radiation from the mobile phone had a lower number of spermatozoa with progressive movement and a higher number of non-progressively moving spermatozoa compared to the group without exposure. The DNA fragmentation was also significantly higher in the exposed group.

The study concluded that there is a correlation between mobile phone radiation exposure, DNA fragmentation, and decreased sperm motility. It suggests that mobile phone radiation can have a negative impact on sperm quality.

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