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Lack of Sleep and It's Impact on Hormone Levels

If you aren't getting enough quality sleep each night, the chances of you having optimal hormonal levels are quite low. Lack of sleep can decrease thyroid, testosterone, and growth hormone.

Poor sleep for just one week can lower testosterone by 10-15%. This was sleeping 5 hours per night in young healthy men. I know a lot of people who are running off 5-6 hours of sleep and wonder why they aren't able to build mass or gain as much strength as they like. Something as simple as sleep is more than likely the issue.

If you throw in alcohol along with lack of sleep, which a lot of people do on Friday and Saturday nights and you will see enormous impacts on your hormonal levels. You will not perform well in the gym or at training for your sport come Monday and chances of injury are much higher.

You will never maximize your results with less than optimal testosterone levels. You have to get your lifestyle in order.

I have harped on about the importance of sleep a lot but it is because without it, you are missing out on huge performance gains. Instead of arguing over whether you should take 5g of creatine pre-workout, during, or post, you would be much better off prioritizing your sleep. But people love to look for excuses instead of just doing what is required. It is simple but takes discipline. Get all the basic things in place and do them consistently for 10 years.


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