• Nathan Waters

EQI's - Stretching Without Stretching

Eccentric Quasi Isometrics (EQI’s), also known as loaded stretching, is a stretching tool without having to really do any stretching. You can use them for hypertrophy gains, improving performance and to prevent injuries.

It involves putting your body into a position you are struggling to get into by adding load in this position.

You are basically stretching your muscles while contracting them.

For any given movement, you will go into the eccentric portion and stay they for as long as you can. As time goes on, you will fatigue and as a result, your range will increase.

For example, if you are struggling to get into the bottom position of a squat you would use a DB or KB and hold it against your chest (like a Goblet squat). You will go down into the squat position (as low as your current range will let you go) and hold. Over 30-60 seconds or so you will notice your hips getting lower to the ground.

You may not be able to hold for this amount of time so you may need to build it up. Ideally, you want to be in this position for up to 60 seconds for 2-4 sets in general.

For hypertrophy, you want to be holding for 45-60 second for 2-4 sets.

For performance, you want to hold for 30-45 seconds for 2-4 sets.

For injury prevention, you want to hold for up to 3 minutes in total.

Give it a go and watch your performance improve.


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