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Blue Light Alters Metabolic Function

This study looked at the effects of blue light on metabolic function, hunger, and hormonal measures in healthy adults.

The results showed that both morning and evening blue light exposure increased insulin resistance compared to dim light. In the evening group, blue light also led to higher peak glucose levels.

The researchers noted that extended or chronic exposure to blue light may further impact insulin resistance and potentially affect feeding behaviors, body composition, and body weight over time. Blue light alters metabolic function.

There were some limitations of this study like small sample size for example, but we can still use it as another reason to try and avoid artificial blue light exposure as much as possible. It is especially important to avoid blue light once the sun goes down.

The simplest way to minimize exposure is to wear some blue light blocking glasses. On top of this you can use dark mode or f.lux type software on devices to minimize blue light or avoid devices altogether. Then further on down the track you can change the type of lighting in the home if you get right into it.

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