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Belt Squat

We picked up a new toy last week...

Check out our new Belt Squat

This piece of equipment is an essential item in any serious gym.


You’re able to load the lower body without loading the spine, which means you can still train your legs if you’ve hurt your back. It overloads the glutes and hamstrings whilst creating traction in your spine.

“I invented the belt squat in 1975. It’s absolutely the most incredible one piece of equipment. The cable device pulling downward will actually help correct pelvic tilt and it takes the pressure off your lower back. An incredible amount of volume can be done on the belt squat and the reverse hyper. The reason being? Traction. As we work out we’re getting instant restoration. So those are two pieces of equipment we live on.” - Louie Simmons

We’ve got both of these pieces now, ready to rehab and bulletproof your back.

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