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Tim Ferris Style Q and A with Jay Campbell

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A few weeks ago I reached out to a few people I respect in the field and asked them some questions in Tim Ferris style, from his books Tools of Titans and Tribe of Mentors. I done this as those books are great but I wanted to know more specifically from my mentors or just people I have learnt from through their books, courses, or consultations.

Jay Campbell is the founder of TOT Revolution, is a best selling author, expert on testosterone optimization, and all round great bloke.

Jay's books include The TOT Bible, The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual, The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet, Guaranteed Shredded, and his newest book Living a Fully Optimized Life. I have read all of his work and highly recommend you check them out for some great information.

Also check out his wife Monica's book Cracking the Fountain of Youth Code. I bought it on Friday and it is well worth the small investment.

Jay also has a podcast and interviews some great guests on there which I think you will also find very valuable, TOT Revolution Podcast.

I asked some more general type questions so our clients, as well as myself, could gain some insight into what drives, motivates, and what these experts recommend to living the highest quality life. When I want to learn specific things I pay for consultations with these experts. You can consult with Jay by following these links:

Jay was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to answer the questions I sent through to him which I am extremely grateful for. Below is the email he shared on his Ask Jay Tuesday email:

I was really excited to receive this request from an amazing strength coach in Australia.

It excites and drives me to BE MORE upon receiving emails like this.

On Oct 13, 2019, at 3:17 PM, Nathan > wrote:

Hi Jay,

My name is Nathan and I am a strength coach in Australia. I am reaching out to my mentors in Tim Ferris style to try and learn more myself and pass on the great knowledge learned to my clients. I know you are extremely busy so if you don’t reply I fully understand.

If you could answer your favorite 3 questions, or more if you like, it would be greatly appreciated by myself and many others.

If there is anyway in which I could try to repay you for your time and knowledge, please let me know.

I have really enjoyed all of your books and your podcast. Keep it up mate.

Kind regards,


Thank you so much brother for sending this to me.

These kind of emails challenge me to be better and I thank you profoundly for providing the inspiration.

What have you learned that’s most important in the last 2 years?

Love for all of life and the advancement of human consciousness (spirituality) is really all that matters.

I live my life by the spiritual practice of “Ayni” which is divine reciprocity in Meso American Cultures.

Also known as the sacred reverence for all of life.

All of life is conscious and sentient.

The 4 Principles of Creation are what govern my existence now.

This was written in one of my recent emails to my list.

LOVE - is the complete and total acceptance of WHAT IS. It is allowing all others to be who they are and allowing yourself to be who you are. When you know that you are loved and accepted beyond all measure, you can begin to master Universal Laws to CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT.

HEALTH & WELL BEING - are our natural states of being. Illness and Disease are the result of mass beliefs or individual beliefs and the resulting FEARS blocking emotional flow. The original FEAR held deep within is the fear of separation from SOURCE/GOD. By understanding your fears are simply imagined, (not reality), you can free yourself from the original cause of illness and disease.

ABUNDANCE - part of your life's primary purpose is to move beyond lack, scarcity and limitation. Poverty, lack and scarcity stem from our primal fear ie the separation from SOURCE/GOD. You are the SOURCE OF YOUR OWN ABUNDANCE. By uncovering your beLIEfs concerning lack and scarcity, you can create abundance in every aspect of your life-especially financial freedom.

CREATIVITY - is the very core of our soul. We are driven to create experience as service to the greater collective. As you create, you discover more of who you are through observation of your creation. The very nature of the soul IS TO BE CREATIVE. But the Matrix (and to some extent THOSE WHO'VE HELD YOU BACK)have caused you to believe the ways you can express yourselves are limited to certain jobs, roles and functions in life.

These four principles describe in essence who we are.

They are the governing principles of all of life.

It is for each of us to remember this is who we truly are.

Each of us desires these things and to express in these ways.

We yearn to live a life filled with love, to experience health and wellbeing, magnificent abundance and to create freely.

Our soul's purpose when coming into the physical realm of 3D earth is to manifest itself through harmony with these four principles (Love, Health & Well Being, Abundance and Creativity).

What is it that everyone should know about in your area of expertise that is not known to the extent it should be?

That we are all N-of-1.

Every person is unique biochemically in their response to various medications, supplements and training stimulus.

There are no cookie cutter TOT protocols.

No drug, supplement, dietary approach or training protocol will work exactly the same for every end user.

Experience, experimentation and time will determine the best result for each individual. (No hacks or shortcuts to it).

We must 'tend the garden' aka DO THE WORK if we are to achieve what we want to in life.

What is the biggest myth or mistake surrounding your area of expertise that you think is a problem?

The Usage of AI’s(Aromatase Inhibitors) in Therapeutic Testosterone.

Estrogen should rarely if ever be blocked as it is a pleiotropic hormone responsible for the optimal stasis and improvement of many, many biological systems.

What are the biggest wastes of time?

People who don’t bother to actually read or familiarize themselves with the prolific work put out by masters in their fields.

These same people often send trivial, baiting emails asking for answers to questions they don’t even understand.

The internet has created an entire ecosystem of end users who want results and answers without DOING THE WORK required.

What are your key principles for better, safer, more consistent results? Do they differ if your goal is health or more for athletic performance?

Research, focus, consistency of effort(in practicing) and realizing the 'less is more approach' if usually the BEST WAY.

Nobody will achieve anything of any substance or merit without first DOING THE WORK necessary.

The great Manly Hall once said that it takes 20 years of rigid attention to detail while incessantly practicing one's craft to achieve mastery.

There is not much of a difference between health and athletic performance.

With athletic performance, using higher dosages or “more” of a specific ergogenic DOES NOT always produce better or the intended results desired.

What are some of your favorite books or resources? If people had to teach themselves about your area of expertise what would you suggest they use/do?

I am such a prolific reader and researcher, it would be impossible to do justice to the many men and women who've influenced me by mentioning any specific titles or authors.

From an optimization standpoint, there are few people on the planet who understand the realm of Health Optimization like I do.

I’ve spent 30 years in the trenches being an N-of-1 guinea pig and pouring through copious amounts of research, studies and books. (This doesn't even factor the massive amount of INNER WORK I've done asking my higher self for guidance and inspiration.)

All of my books, The TRT MANual, The Metabolic Blow Torch Diet, The TOT Bible, Guaranteed Shredded and Living a Fully Optimized Life cover EVERYTHING an aspiring bio hacker, fitness enthusiast, or normal person looking to lose body fat, improve strength and extend life would want.

Besides reading my books, I also recommend subscribing to the TOTRevolution Podcast where I interview the smartest, most enlightened people in the world with regard to human performance, biohacking, life extension and raising consciousness.

If you were to design a protocol for me to optimize my health and get as strong and as lean as possible in 4 weeks, and had a million dollars on the line, what would the protocol look like? What about if there was more time like 8 to 12 weeks?

4 Week Timeline:

Guaranteed Shredded dietary approach, Therapeutic Testosterone, Desiccated Thyroid, Metformin,(Jay Campbell Optimization Stack) Tesamorelin/Ipamorelin Peptide stack (AM/PM), BPC-157 Capsules AM/PM, MyVitalC (C60)AM and PM utilizing the dosage calculator.

Training would be individual based on your somatotype and recovery ability.

If one could afford it, I’d recommend therapeutic dosage of Equipoise 150mgs weekly (2x weekly dosage at 75mg per injection) (for collagen remodeling and synthesis)and 25mgs of Oxandrolone daily.

Liver protectants would have to be used due to the mild hepatoxicity of Oxandrolone(Anavar). (There would be a bunch of natural supplements thrown in but you get the picture here).

8-12 Week Timeline:

First 4 Weeks I’d use Metabolic Blowtorch Diet and chow down on lifting/eating days for glycogen repletion. During the last 8 weeks I would use the 4 week protocol above.

Obviously I’m recommending approaches that are SAFE & HEALTHY here with no potential short or long term damage to health.

What do you think makes you different to other coaches? Who trained or influenced you?

I really don’t consider myself a Coach but I’ve definitely learned at the foot of masters in both human performance, ergogenicity, fat loss, biohacking and the most important thing of all-CONSCIOUSNESS.

Kathy Martinez, Markus Reinhardt, Jim Brown, Lyle McDonald, Charles Staley, Charles Poliquin, Manly Hall, Dr David Hawkins, Monica Campbell.

Supreme Love, Bright Light and Mega Gratitude,

Jay C

PS. If you are a Man or a Woman looking to meet up with Me and some of the World's Top Optimization Doctors, join us in Las Vegas Saturday Dec 14th at a soon to be announced place inside The Venetian or Palazzo Hotel.

So those are the great insights I got from Jay on top of all the information he has put out through his books and podcast.

I hope you all can take something away from these answers and improve your life in some way too.

Again a massive thank you to Jay for taking the time, and go out and buy some of his books or at least start by following his podcast and supporting his mission.

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