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Darcy Deadlifting Well

The above video is of Darcy Eade deadlifting 90kg for 5 reps this morning. At 52kg and 13 years old this is great going. Especially when you consider she is currently in season for rugby league and playing OzTag as well.

She trains hard and is always focused. Because of this she gets the results for her hard work. She has taken her deadlift from 75kg for 5 reps just 6 weeks ago to this 90kg for 5 reps. Through consistent hard work and programming that is suited to her needs she has got to this weight without a breakdown in form. To me as a strength coach that is the most important thing. Especially at such a young age.

We don't try and push it to the extreme but Darcy was feeling good so she got a heavy set in today which was good. We wave her volume and intensity very regularly to make sure burn out or injury are limited. Also adjusting the plan depending on the demands she has outside the gym is very important.

Looking forward to seeing the progress over the coming weeks, months, and years.

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