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If You Want to Be the Rock, Then Get to Work

You will hear people say "well, if you are the rock and getting paid 20 million dollars a movie it is pretty easy to train 3 times a day and be jacked but if you are a regular guy working a 9-5 job then you may only be able to train once a day if you are lucky."

I 100% agree with this statement. But it depends on your goal. If you are happy going to your day job and training to stay healthy then do a workout once every second day is probably enough. If on the other hand you want to be a world champion, play in the top league of your given sport, or be an actor making millions per movie, then you better get to work.

The Rock didn't wake up one day making 20 million a movie. He made a decision many years ago to be the best he could be and worked his arse off to get there. So yes, you may have a 9-5 that you are working but if you want to be successful you will have to get up earlier then everyone else and get to work. When you have a break for lunch at your day job you may fit something in, and when you get home you are back at it again. You can't do the bare minimum and say well when I am successful then I will do the work. It doesn't work like that.

Basically you have two options. Option 1 is do whatever it is you want to achieve around your day job and use your day job to finance that goal or option 2, you quit your day job and solely focus on your desired goal. I think the best bet for most of us is option 1. You try and find a job with hours that suit your needs and pays enough to live off, it doesn't have to be the highest paying job in the world and it can't take up all of your time. It is purely to support yourself whilst you get after your main goal.

Option 2, you are all in. I love this but don't think it is realistic for most people. You can definitely make it work but you have to eat somehow so you will more than likely need family or friends to help you out. I find a lot of losers who sponge off people think they are taking this option but in reality they are sitting around using their loved ones and lying to themselves about how hard they are working, often pissing and moaning that they are getting nowhere and that the world is against them.

Either way, if you are content with your life and the way it is, the above statement is true. You probably can't look like or be as successful as The Rock working a 9-5 and training every couple of days. But if you are striving to be the best in the world at something DO THE WORK. You can't sit around and dream it to happen.

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