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Igor Almeida Inspiring Win

Congratulations to Igor on his huge effort on Sunday winning the Submission only Championships event held in Brisbane.

He competed in 40 degree heat, had 5 fights with a 52 minute final in open weights. Igor would have been around the 70kg mark and he was up against guys around the 100kg.


I am very impressed and inspired by this as it is something that not many people would be able to push through. When you want something bad enough you'll find a way. This is a perfect example of that.

For anyone who has ever done any form of grappling you will know how tiring it is so you can appreciate what it feels like to compete for 52 minutes straight, let alone giving away 30kg, the heat, and on top of that having 4 previous fights.

You can see a video of Igor's highlights by following the link below:

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