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Address Your Weaknesses to Improve

This month there has been some more good results from the boys at training. The above video is of Riley deadlifting 107.5kg for 7 reps. Last month I showed him deadlifting 80kg for 12 reps. It was good to see him be able to maintain his technique with more weight on the bar. Often you will see technique improve with a lighter load but as the weight increases you see more and more things break down.

This is where individualisation of the training plan comes into play. We have been addressing Riley's leg drive out of the bottom of the deadlift and the squat through some specialised assistance work, whilst still addressing the strength of the lower back, hamstrings, and scapula retractors.

Your coach has to know what your weaknesses are and how to address them. They shouldn't just add more into your program. If they are doing this then they are just guessing as to what your issue may be. The boys are back at training now so I have had to drop the volume which means I have to identify the problems correctly and be very specific with what exercises I choose to correct them with. I can't just throw in 5 more exercises and hope it hits the right area.

Trist also took his back squat up to 92.5kg for 4 reps. Last month he hit 75kg for 8. So again it is pretty good progress under a much heavier load. Learning to brace effectively is a big thing for these young blokes as they are only 15 and haven't been lifting for very long. Again Trist has a lot of issues to work on but by continuously hammering away at them we are making progress in a safe way.

Marcus also got tested on the back squat today at training and managed to hit 130kg for 3 reps. This is a 10kg increase for Marcus in about 2 months since the club last tested. The best part for me about this is that Marcus also trained this morning and we haven't tried to peak for this. I found out today they may have some testing on so I modified his morning session slightly. He could hit this pretty much any day of the week with solid technique.

Marcus squatting 130kg for 3 today also makes me think about how much progress we can make in a relatively short time if your training is optimal. When he started training back mid way through 2016 he could not squat at all. He could barely make it to 90 degree with terrible technique and then after some general prep work he could only squat 47.5kg for 6 reps. So in 2 years of work you can see how much he has improved. The thing is he hasn't missed a week of training in that time. He has been consistent the whole way through. This is why he is getting the results. He may not be the most gifted but he is working hard and is consistent and this is why he has surpassed many peoples expectations of him.

I am very happy for the boys and proud of the hard work.

It isn't world class and they aren't in the NRL so we aren't getting ahead of ourselves, but the point is to work hard, be consistent, work on your weaknesses, and you'll give yourself the best chance to achieve your goal. If you do all you can and don't make it, so be it, at least you had a full dig. It is better than a life of regret.

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